terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2009

SPA Divino /Divine SPA , Porto Santo

SPA , is a new style of business. With this letters , everything looks the same, in fact SPA means Salut per Agua, and only a few places give us the real healness with water.
In Porto Santo Island , there is a place where we can enjoy real termal waters.
I was looking for a nice picture from this and I saw this spot light, in a few seconds I took this picture .

Nikon D2X
17-55mm NI
RAW developed by Adobe Camera Raw

O Velho e o Burro

Ilha da Boavista-
I took this picture when I cross the island by car and I saw this couple in the sunset.

I this is my favorite picture in 2008.

I Used a Nikon D700
14-24 mm
S900 with a TTL Cable in right side, hold by left hand (how??!!)
Raw developed in Adobe Camera Raw


domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2009

Pelas terras de Santarém

Teste feito para a Revista Sirius.

Test drive for a Sirius Magazine, from another plane.
Santarém, Portugal sky.
Nikon D3
70-200 Nikon

Plane: Cessena

Sun shadows in Marais, Paris

Image token in Paris, Out/08.
I was looking for a market place in Marais, it was so soon, all shops were close in that hour , and the sunlight in this shop front, was so straight that looks a monocromatic picture to me. I love the shadows and colors.
From Marais , to Visão viagens magazine.
Made with a Nikon D3
14-24 mm

Barbara Elias in Farol Design Hotel

Barbara Elias, conhecida modelo portuguesa, é agora empresária em Cascais com um empresa de eventos.
Imagem feita para a revista de bordo da SATA.
Barbara Elias, portuguese model , image made for a Sata Inflight magazine.
Made with:
Nikon D700
Broncolor mobilite
Thanks to Farol Design Hotel

This Image was taken from Green Island, just in front of Toronto, Canadá.
I was looking for a cover picture reprentative of the beauty of this city.
I used a Nikon D700, my travel Camera with a 24-70.
This a very expensive a fragil lense.
Fine detail and use.

Inês Fonseca Santos

Inês Fonseca Santos, Jornalista e criadora de um programa de rádio que fomenta a leitura.
Imagem for/ para a Revista Gingko magazine
I used Nikon D3
14-24 mm
Strobe Flash Bowens in front
Background light , Metz
Made in EDP Museum, Lisbon